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Our Mission: To provide a forum through which admirers of Mr Dalton's work can access accurate information about his life and career while at the same time respecting his rights, and in particular, his right to privacy. In addition, we seek to foster friendships throughout the world between like-minded Mr Dalton fans.

About The Group - How We Started: The Timothy Dalton Chat Group which is unofficial started on the 4th June 1995, as a handful of fans e-mailing each other, then after a couple of years, in addition to e-mailing each other, we started meeting once a week in a IRC Chat Room on the Internet.

We have had two websites under Timothy's name to date, the first one was just one page, then my husband Wayne designed this website and put it across on the Internet in October 1999.

The Timothy Dalton Chat Group - Today: Since then the group has grown, and we now have almost 300 members who all have a lot of fun sharing information on Timothy's projects and we also travel to meet one another when we can. We now meet twice a week on Skype and when you join the group I will give you my name there so that you can chat with us also on Skype if you would like to. When we are not meeting to chat on line we still send e-mails to each other to keep in touch and I also send out a newsletter by e-mail as a blind carbon copy about once a month on average.

Also in order to maintain a continuous presence on the Internet, and to provide a useful resource for group members, fans and the general public we have developed this web site.

About Mr Dalton's 'Fan Club': If you would like to join what is essentially Mr Dalton's 'Fan Club' then we would be delighted to hear from you and to give you a warm welcome. There are many levels to which you can join, you can be a private member which means you are only in touch with me, or you can give permission to have your e-mail address shared so that you are in touch with other admirers of Mr Dalton. If you would like to join I would be thrilled to hear from you! Just send me an e-mail and mention you would like to join by clicking on my name here - Deb

Our Timothy Dalton Chat Group Motto: Non Sibi Sed Omnibus, which means - Not Alone, But Altogether. I found that motto online one day and thought it would be good for us. :-)

About this Web Site: The site has been designed to be viewed with a browser running in a maximized window at a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. If you are using a resolutions lower than this some pages may look a bit odd. We use Netscape browsers to view and test the site but we have kept the HTML code relatively simple to ensure that most browsers will display the pages without any problems. However, the site makes extensive use of tables and the occasional image map and so your browser must support these features. This shouldn't be a problem unless your browser is really old and in need of an upgrade. The number of fancy graphics has been kept to a minimum so that the pages load rapidly and we have resisted the temptation of including advertising (who wants to wait 30 seconds for an advertisement to load!). If you have any comments, suggestions or problems regarding the web site, please e-mail me Deb

In Regards To Timothy Dalton: Much as I would like to for you I cannot get questions answered by him and I also cannot arrange for anyone to meet Timothy as has been asked of me by fans in the past. I apologize to you all but I am just not in a position to be able to arrange to have these things granted.

In Regards To ICM - International Creative Management in Los Angeles and Independent Talent Group in London: I have been told by Timothy's Management at ICM in Los Angeles and Independent Talent Group in London that I am not permitted to give out their names, e-mail addresses or direct dial phone numbers to anyone that asks for it, and I cannot introduce anyone to them either so once again if you are seeking that information I do apologize to you.

Timothy, Myspace and Facebook Pages: Some of the group have come to me saying that Timothy has a Myspace page and that they are now his number one or two friend. I have checked with Timothy's Management and Timothy does not have a Myspace or Facebook page that he runs personally but if that changes in the future I will notify everyone on the website and by e-mail.

Website Links: The Timothy Dalton Chat Group is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of websites to which it may link.

AOL Instant Messenger: If you would like to chat to me during the week though, then I am always on AOL Instant Messenger, which and can be downloaded at AOL Instant Messenger
This is a one to one chat programme. If you would like my Buddy Name on AOL Instant Messenger, so you can meet there, then once again please e-mail me Deb

About Our Meetings On Skype: We meet to chat on Skype on Saturday evenings at 7:00 PM P.S.T. and Wednesday evenings also at 7:00 PM P.S.T.

Dedication: This website is dedicated to Timothy Dalton's many fans who have given such loyal support to him over the years. Also his agents at ICM Los Angeles and Independent Talent Group London and to the many assistants who have also helped with giving me information on Timothy's projects over the years, and to other members of the Entertainment Industry, and of course to Timothy Dalton himself.

Disclaimer: While every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information on this web site, we do not guarantee it in any way, nor do we accept any liability for its use or misuse. If you find any errors or omissions, please e-mail me Deb with the details so I can make the correction.

With love and warm wishes,

Deb Best
Coordinator, The Timothy Dalton Chat Group

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