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Introduction - to our Timothy Dalton Chat Group Awards Page.

We have been given quite a few awards over the time that both this and our former Timothy Dalton Chat Group website has been up, many from Starpages, but there has not been anywhere to put them all until now, so here are the awards that we have received so far. I would very much like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those who have voted for us and everyone who has visited and supported our website with information and pictures over the years, both fans of Timothy's and members of the Entertainment Industry. These awards are for you as well.

Our Starpages Awards.

I am very proud to announce that we have been awarded all eight stars for our Timothy Dalton Chat Group Website which have proudly been given to us by Starpages. This last star we needed 10,000 votes for, so that is quite an achievement! Many, many congrautlations to everyone who has helped me with information, all Timothy's fans and Timothy's Agents and Assistants, plus other members of the Entertainment Industry, and everyone who has visited the website and very kindly taken the time to vote for us.

Here is a table of Stars and how many votes have been needed in order for that Star to be awarded:-

  • For the one Star Award we needed 50 votes.
  • For the two Star Award we needed 100 votes.
  • For the three Star Award we needed 200 votes.
  • For the four Star Award we needed 500 votes.
  • For the five Star Award we needed 1000 votes.
  • For the Gold Star Award we needed 2000 votes.
  • For the Platinum Star Award we will need 5000 votes.
  • For the final Titanium Star Award we will need 10,000 votes.
  • stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars
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  • Our Cyberteddy Award.

    This next award is from Cyberteddy.

  • Please also visit

  • We have been awarded the Movies - 2000 Excellence Award - August 2000.


    As you can see we were awarded the Movies - 2000 Excellence Award on the 4th August 2000. Our website has also been added to the list of winners at the Movies - 2000 website which can be found at

  • Movies - 2000

    This award is for everyone who has contributed to this website and all the group for visiting it. Many congratulations!

    This is our Who2 Award.

    We have also been awarded the As Seen On Who2 Award Link.


    Congratulations on being chosen as a Who2 link.

    Who2 is highly selective, and the sites we feature are always among the best resources online.

    Fritz Holznagel

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    We were sent this award on the 4th July 2002.

    Here is our Web Works Design Award.

    We have been awarded the Web Works Design Award:-



    Your Web Site The Timothy Dalton Chat Group has been selected to win a Web Works Site Award.

    I have chosen your site, to be a worthy of our Designs Award.

    What is the purpose of this award?

    It is to signify that your site has been judged to contain quality content, design and/or HTML expertise.

    What is my reason for giving awards?

    To give credit where credit is due. I know and you probably know that it takes a lot of time and effort to create a quality site. For this reason, I feel everyone who has achieved his or her goal of maintaining an overall "Cool" site deserves at the least, a badge of honour. The badge of honour I have to offer is the Web Works Site Award. If you feel that it has no meaning, it is just a graphic that someone created, then by all means, don't put it on your site. For those who appreciate the award, I am honoured to present it to you. This award is not given to everyone who nominates his or her home page or site. By my discretion, I pick only the sites I find to fit the minimum requirements and in some way or another soar beyond them.

    Why do I have the authority to judge which sites are good and which sites are bad? I don't. I don't judge which sites are good or bad, I give the award to sites that in MY opinion are high quality. If you see the award displayed on a site you feel is way below average, then, you are entitled to your own opinion and yes, to you, the site is no good. But I judge the sites according to my own standards. I feel my standards are high, and I feel that it should be a proud thing to display the Web Works Site Award on your site.

    Again, Congratulations!


    Peter Williams
    A1 Web Works Designs.

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    We were sent this award on the 4th July 2005.