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This group was also set up to encourage friendship between like minded Timothy Dalton fans and we are now starting to meet and stay with each other across the world too, which I think is just wonderful! Here is Pat's account of meeting Margo in September 2010.

Our Martha's Vineyard Vacation, A Dream Come True.

This past September, my daughter, Adrienne, and I had the great fortune of vacationing for almost a week at Martha's Vineyard in Edgartown, MA; a dream come true made possible by Margo Sacco. Alas, our wonderful stay at the island had been cut short due to Hurricane Earl, (later changed to Tropical Storm Earl); and though we didn't get to see more of the island due to the oncoming storm, we managed to make the best of it. Our time together was qualitative. My daughter and I are still in that Martha's Vineyard mode! Truly magical and unforgettable! Margo supplied us with more than enough history and information about the island-where to shop-where to eat-the types of transportation to use-where to sight-see, etc. She's one interesting and awesome lady, and a good friend! I really love her! Margo has colorful taste in clothing, jewelry, and best of all-hats. I actually got to wear a couple of them and felt rather elegant and chic. It's rather a shame we women don't wear them more often! Margo, you may have revived an old trend, at least here in Pennsylvania!

In case you didn't know, some of the scenes from the movie, 'Jaws.' was filmed in Edgartown, and the surrounding areas of the island. Absolutely lovely! The house, where we stayed, was semi-isolated from the hustle and bustle of town, about 5-6 miles away. The accommodations were very comfortable, and spacious, and quite pleasant, to say the least. We had a couple of hot days but the nights were cool, which made for comfortable sleeping. We took loads of pictures but they do not do the island justice; however, I was able to capture the quaintness and elegance of Edgartown and its surrounding areas. I've attached a few pictures of Martha's Vineyard, and even made a slide show (which can be viewed on Windows Media Player), of our wonderful visit with Margo. I would be more than happy to send those, who are interested, an electronic copy, just as I did with TD's Uncle Vanya.

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Margo and I had some quality time getting to know one another as well as chatting about Timothy Dalton. I thoroughly enjoy our conversations. Even Adrienne chimed in about TD's work, which was a blast! We missed out in meeting Sandy this time around, but we will get together someday. Had we met, we probably would have had a Timothy Dalton Chat Fest into the wee hours of the morning! LOL! If Mr. Dalton should ever grace those green eyes on the TDCG site, and read all the nice things the fans have written about him, he would be honored. For you see, we TDCG fans have a commonality-a bond, (pun intended), and that is the man himself, Timothy Dalton! We want the best for Mr. Dalton because he deserves it, and because he is the best! Whether at home or abroad, it doesn't matter, Timothy Dalton is quite often the topic of our discussions. Deb's web site has brought many of us fans together and now we can even meet on Skype, Facebook, Twitter, to discuss just about everything TD or otherwise. I'm grateful to Deb because had it not been for her web site, I wouldn't have met Margo.

With that said, I'd like to pass on this special note of thanks to Margo Sacco:

Adrienne and I cannot thank you enough for your graciousness and kindness. We love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We shall cherish these happy memories for always! God bless you, my good friend!

With love and gratitude,

Patricia (Pat) Georgini, Norwood, PA

The above picture is of Pat taken on the property of the house where she stayed with her daughter Adrienne and Margo at Martha's Vineyard. © Copyright September 2010.