The Timothy Dalton Chat Group Presents
Links to Entertainment Industry Websites


Links to useful Film websites.

  • Cinemedia Movies search engine with over 25,000 links.
  • Empire Magazine Online
  • Huge database of information on films, celebrity interviews, and trailers.
  • Collection of film reviews.
  • Database of film music.
  • Film Score MonthlyThe Online Magazine of Motion Picture and Television Music Appreciation
  • Film Scouts Information and video clips of films.
  • Movie List A large site of film trailers with updates every day. Download the trailers for the films you are interested in, but be prepared for long download times.
  • Movie Review Query Engine. From this site you can get several reviews for a film from highbrow critics or popular journalists.
  • Popcorn UK oriented film site.
  • The Movie Page Film site with good access to movie chat, notice-boards and a database of film scripts.
  • Ultimate Movies This site links to all the official web sites of films.