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Some Special Publicity for American Outlaws, a Timothy Interview and Mention for Us - Introduction.

This story starts in August 2001, I was chatting to Cindy in Texas, who is a member of the group, one morning, when she said "Have you thought of contacting Leeza Gibbons Hollywood Confidential Radio Programme in order to see if they will mention American Outlaws?" I said "No I haven't" and Cindy gave me the e-mail address for the show. I sent an e-mail to Leeza to ask her straight away, and a couple of days later I received an e-mail from the Producer of the show, Laine, who said they would be happy to do a piece on American Outlaws of course I was thrilled. Then Cindy on hearing this sent an e-mail to the show also. A few days later Laine sent me another e-mail letting me know that there had been a change of date for the American Outlaws piece they were going to do, and I then put the date change up here for all to know about.

Then on the Monday morning 20th August 2001, I received a phone call from Cindy in Texas and she was that excited she said "Deb you are never going to believe this!! I have something for you to listen to." Cindy then played the segment that Leeza Gibbons and Laine had put together as a result of our e-mails, over the phone to me, and it is just so wonderful!!! When I came online there was an e-mail telling me and the others all about it from Tina too, who had also heard the Leeza Gibbons Hollywood Confidential Radio programme.

I was, and still am so thrilled, as are many members of the group, because Timothy was interviewed to go with this American Outlaws piece, and our group was given a special mention also!!

Here then for you all, is the full transcript of the Leeza Gibbons Hollywood Confidential, special, American Outlaws segment. Timothy did this interview at the Premiere Radio Networks Studio with Leeza Gibbons on the 18th-19th August 2001 and it was broadcast on the 19th August 2001 during the second hour of Leeza Gibbons Programme Hollywood Confidential Programme.


Timothy being interviewed at the American Outlaws Premiere, 14th August 2001.

Leeza: "Coming up former James Bond star Timothy Dalton reveals the perks of the job."

Timothy: "You can generally get a seat at those restaurants that are always booked out, I think in a silly way thats one of the nicest things" (Timothy laughs.)

Timothy: "I'd probably like to say that, you know, celebrity is not that important, but I think I'd probably, I'd be lying to you."

Leeza: "We're going to find out what Timothy's up to now that he's deep sixed 007."

Leeza then plays some tracks from Lionel Richie, Eric Carmen, The Back Steet Boys and she played Madonna's "Borderline." Then we came to Leeza's Movie Moment...

Leeza: "Like the poster for his new movie American Outlaws says 'Bad Is Good Again' I guess that makes perfect sense considering this one takes a contemporary look at the wild west and the notorious rise of a young group of bandits including one the world would come to know as Jesse James. Former 007 himself Timothy Dalton stars opposite an up and coming Hollywood cast as Allan Pinkerton the famous detective who founded the US Secret Service and was given the mission of finding and killing Jesse James, even without Bond's gadgetry sounds like perfect casting to me. While there's no telling how fame will alter the lives of his young co-stars Timothy tells me he hasn't allowed it to change his own."

Timothy: "There can be times when it is terribly inconvenient or tough and its much nicer to kind of be anonymous and you know just go down to the local bar or shop or what ever but umm without being recognised. I mean I make a point of going down to the local shop, the supermarket, the bar, because I think you gotta be part of life, you can't remove yourself from that if you're going to be an actor anyway. How can you act regular people if you're locked on a hill behind barbed wire or tinted windows of some kind of limo."

Leeza: "Well I happen to know for a fact from very personal experience how very much people who enjoy Timothy's work appreciate the regular people perspective he maintains."

"Now we've had several requests from members of his fan club and the Timothy Dalton online Chat Group, people here in the States and people as far away as Australia, who have been e-mailing me just, you know, to make sure I was going to talk to Timothy about this movie, OK we've got you covered, so for Timothy Dalton fanatics the world over, you know who you are, this one is especially for you, yes of course we are going to talk about it, it is going to be a big movie American Outlaws its in Theatres now. Thanks for the e-mails. I am Leeza Gibbons this is Hollywood Confidential."

I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Laine and Leeza, for the wonderful mention that you gave American Outlaws and for obtaining an interview with Timothy for us also.

I would like to send a special thank you to you Timothy for the wonderful interview that you very kindly gave, it was better then I could have done :-)

Last but not least, I would like to thank Cindy in Texas for suggesting this idea to me and Hildur for sending me the picture of Timothy that I have put with this transcript. Many thanks to you all for making this so much fun! - Love Deb

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