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Introduction to

The Made Men DVD Interview.


Timothy as Sheriff Dex.

If you purchase the DVD of Made Men then you will have James Belushi and the director of this film Louis Morneau talking about the making of Made Men I started typing out the whole interview here but it would be different if Timothy was talking about this film but as he isn't and as this is not a James Belushi website, he is not as lucky as Timothy to have one like ours is :-) I have decided that it may be better if I just put down the things that are about the actual making of Made Men and when Timothy is mentioned of course and I will do it in a question and answer format, as if I am asking the questions, so here we go....

Where was Made Men filmed?

LOUIS: "In a little town called Spanish Fork, Utah"
JAMES: "Spanish Fork was made popular because they were the town that the Blockbuster Video would edit out all the sex scenes from video's like they cut out the painting scene in the 'Titanic' the drawing scene with the naked girl"
LOUIS: "That's right"
JAMES: "And there was a big controversy on whether they had the right to do that, so we were shooting in a very conservative town."
LOUIS: "There's a little town called Eureka, which is way up in the hills and old mining town, which is fairly abandoned at this point, a nice little town and they were great. We shot there for 4 days. We followed Timothy through the Police Station, the interior of the Station is in Eureka as well, it's their Police Station, it's the real thing, it's their jail cell, it's their court room at the front, really a cute little simple Police Station."

How was the script written?

LOUIS: "There was several drafts of this script before we settled on this particular version, the early drafts of the script were much more serious and we decided to put a more humourous edge on it umm with that in mind to just make it a bit more of a black comedy and something that I think Tim does remarkably well, he errr had a lot of fun with this."

How long did the film take to shoot?

LOUIS: "We shot this film in 24 days and I think it is just an outstanding looking picture umm given the time frame even not giving the time frame I think it is just a good looking film. One thing we tried to do throughout the film was the idea that we were in the middle of a heatwave it was November and we were shooting on some of the shortest days of the year and it was cold, it was cold and yet everyone was being sprized and told to play the heat, which became a running line."
JAMES: "It was cold man, after takes they would come out with these big thick coats to warm ourselves up."

Did you build any sets for this picture?

LOUIS: "This was an actual house ummm we didn't build any sets for this picture, this was the actual interior in the house."
JAMES: "This was the house we saw at the beginning."
LOUIS: "Right, and it's so rare that you do that usually, you go to a set and it's so nice to be able to shoot the entire picture in one location like this, in terms of the interior and the exterior, it is pretty unusual, especially later when we are destroying the place, and it was tough to find something like this. It was actually had been used as a hay barn when we found it."
JAMES: "We did a good job of cleaning it up, it is very nice."
LOUIS: "Yes really remarkable they put the ceilings back in and the walls umm took out all the hay. It was built in the mid 1800's"
JAMES: "There was a picture in the house of the family that was there and it was one of those Mormon families and it had err I don't know how many wives he have four wives?"
LOUIS: "A few in the front yea."
JAMES: "In the structure of this house, in each corner of the house was a different door as each wife had to have her own enterence room"
LOUIS: "We used the downstairs for the interiors of these rooms, and the upstairs for the hallway. We actually left this house and fixed it back up and actually they were thrilled to have the house looking like a house again, and not a hay barn."
LOUIS: "The gas station we found just about a day or two before we shot, it was actually an abandoned err building structure and we repainted it and my Production Designer Phillip Duffin did a terrific job in a few days making, turning it into a gas station. We had lost our previous set when the owner found out that we were making an R rated movie and refused to let us use the location, but they were pretty resourceful our art department and really did a terrific job the best."

What did you think of Timothy in the role of Sheriff Dex?

LOUIS: "Well that's the great thing about this character is he just err you know? He is always shifting, and I think it's rare that you can and I think Tim is one of the few guys who can pull it off, is where he can play a guy that is just about as despicable a character you can imagine but you still like the guy, you know, there is something about him, you have just got to admire him."
JAMES: "Cool in casting man, he does such a great job in this movie."
LOUIS: "And who else to play an Oklahoma Sheriff but..."
JAMES: "An Englishman"
LOUIS: "A Thespian yes exactly. There is a scene later, the first scene we shot with him and he comes bursting out of this Police Station, with a gun and it was the first shot I did with him and I just knew at that moment he was going to have fun with this, and I of course encourged it and err we sort of went with it with this character and why not have a little fun."

Do you have any other stories about Timothy?

JAMES: "Didn't he get in a fight in a bar or something (Jamie Harris)"
LOUIS: "I think something happened in a bar and err somebody actually I think picked a fight with him or he something happened, it was a wrap party and err it was very funny because err this minor brawl broke out in a bar and suddenly in steps Timothy Dalton between these two guys and I think this local guy did not expect James Bond to step out there suddenly and break up the fight. The look on this guys face when he saw Timothy Dalton step in and break up the fight."

Timothy does a lot of research for his projects doesn't he?

JAMES: "Tim doing his pushups that was the funniest little character thing."
LOUIS: "I really wanted him to do this, he told me, I talked to Timothy quite a bit, we spent some time talking and he err mentioned that he had gone into a Police Station to ask directions recently and the cop in the Police Station the whole time he was giving directions was doing push ups on his desk. And that's just great we've got to do that, and that was the whole thing with this character (Sheriff Dex) he is just so full of himself, you know the tight tight jeans, and this was his town and he was err a lot of machismo and we just went with it."

What is one of your favourite scenes, Louis and James?

LOUIS: "This is a really nice scene (Louis is referring to the final one of Timothy's) I think creative, because this is the one time we really see that you (James character Bill) genuinely..."
JAMES: "I adore her" (he is referring to his girlfriend Debra in this production)
LOUIS: "Yea you adore her and...the shift as Timothy appears here, umm and the realiseation, I think you can really feel it, and I think it is just a good moment for you (James). It doesn't last long you shift right back into err good old Bill but err it is a nice moment."
JAMES: "Yea"
LOUIS: " You really, you feel the devastation. Timothy err Timothy was like do as many takes as you would like with this and, and we did."
JAMES: "He (Timothy) hurt me in this sequence"
LOUIS: "Oh did he?"
JAMES: "Yes, he had his hand around my throat, he put that gun in my nose, he goes "You alright?" and I went "Yea" what do you want me to say? It didn't hurt that bad."
JAMES: "This is my favourite he is so cold (Timothy) I love this, I love this shot it was a great choice."
LOUIS: "Yes, well you know Timothy actually came up with the idea that, to shot her (Debra) in the head and I thought geeze that's real cold I don't know if we should do that but the more I thought about it, you know he's cold, he's that kind of guy and I think he (Timothy) really wanted to shock the audience you know and I think in a good way I think it's very in keeping with his character, just cold."
JAMES: "What's he say (Timothy as Sherriff Dex) he wants to buy a Picasso?"
LOUIS: "Right, I think I'll buy a Van Gough."
JAMES: "A Van Gough that is it."
LOUIS: "The line in the script was he was going to go to some Island some place, and the Van Gough line just seemed a bit more unique."

Everyone seemed to be having such a good time doing Made Men how would you sum it all up Louis?

LOUIS: "That was the great thing, James really kept the crew up and and everybody really had a good time genuinely I think had a good time on this film and it was one of the easiest films I have made, it just went very smoothly and the weather was just fantastic and I mean we didn't have the rain which we were afraid we might get rained out but err it really went well."

I would very much like to thank both of you, Louis and James, for giving me this interview, I have laughed a lot and it has been a lot of fun :-)

If you buy the DVD of Made Men you will enjoy listening to them both talking about it, you can feel their passion and love for this project, but they laugh a lot too and I must admit it is infectious as I always laugh with them when I listen to this, it is truly charming.

I would like to say a very special thank you to Hildur from Iceland who very kindly recorded James Belushi and Louis Morneau talking about their project of Made Men from her DVD copy of it on to audio tape for me so I can also share it with you all.