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Hi Fellow Tim Fans:

Some of you may recall that I've written a few Chance Encounter stories with Timothy Dalton in the past. I haven't done one of those stories in a long time and so I thought I would do another in this series of stories for all of you. It's just a fantasy story about a Encounter with Timothy and I hope that you all enjoy it. If any of you care to send me your comments on the story please do as I'd love to hear how much you enjoyed it. Please click om my name here email Cindy

Enjoy the Chance Encounter with Timothy Dalton...Cindy.


Mary got up from the sofa and stretched as she went to answer the knock on her door. She opened it to find her best friend Emily standing there with a happy smile on her face.

"Hi Emily, come in" she said "what are you doing here? I thought you were going to have to work today."

"I got someone to cover for me. Besides, you need some cheering up after that awful breakup with Derek last weekend."

"I'm alright Emily. Sebastian has been keeping me company" she said reaching down to pick up the fluffy black and white cat at her feet. Emily reached out and scratched the cat behind his ears as he nuzzled her hand and purred.

"You know, you really do have him spoiled Mary" she said as she took the cat in her arms. Mary smiled as they set down on the couch. "Derek is such a jerk. He told me he no longer had feelings for Jill and then he goes behind my back and sleeps with her. I can't believe I ever loved him."

"Don't let him keep you upset Mary, he's not worth it. There's another guy out there for you and if you expect to find him, you need to get out. So what do you say we go down to the beach today and have some lunch and look through the shops? It will be fun and a good way for you to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather."

"I don't know Emily. I'm not really in the mood to go out."

"I'm not taking no for an answer Mary. You know Sebastian isn't going to mind. He'll just curl up in a comfortable spot and sleep while you're gone. Please say you'll come with me."

Mary sighed deeply. She knew it would be useless to argue with her friend. "Alright, let me slip some shoes on and change into another shirt and I'll be ready to go. If you don't mind, would you give Sebastian a snack so he won't starve before I get back?"

"Go ahead and change. I'll take care of Seabass" she said with a smile.

"Emily, his name is Sebastian, not seabass" Mary said as she made her way to the bedroom. Emily laughed. "Come on bassy, let's go get you a kitty snack" she said as she took the cat in her arms and carried him into the kitchen.

An hour later they were both down at the Santa Monica Pier enjoying the beautiful California day. The weather was perfect as always and Mary was glad her friend had been able to persuade her to get out. They went into the arcade and Mary managed to win a large stuffed dolphin at one of the games.

"What are you going to do with that?" Emily asked as they stepped from the arcade. Mary smiled. "I'll put it on my bed and I'm sure that Sebastian will take an interest in it. He has to put his seal of approval on everything" she said with a laugh. Emily laughed. "Come on; let's go get something to eat" she said as they walked away from the arcade. They each got a burger, fries and a cold drink and set down at one of the outside tables to enjoy their lunch and the cool breeze coming in off the ocean.

"Are you enjoying yourself so far?" Emily asked of her friend. Mary nodded. "Yes I am. Thanks for coming by and asking me to join you today. You really are a wonderful friend. I just wish I had listened to you when you told me Derek was only going to break my heart."

"Well, love makes us do crazy things. Let's not talk about him anymore today. He's not worth it. Let's talk about that movie star you like so much."


Mary smiled happily. "Yes, let's talk about Timothy Dalton. Now why can't there be more incredibly handsome and charming guys out there like him? One look into his eyes and you're lost and of course there's his smile that captures your heart and his laugh is infectious. And then there’s his voice that just sort of sends chills down your spine."

"Gee Mary, maybe you should try writing a sexy romance novel" Emily said with a smile. Mary laughed. "I'm sorry; I do tend to get carried away when I start talking about him. When I get back home this evening I'm going to have to watch one of his movies."

"What would you do if you ever met him?" Emily asked of her friend. "I'd probably stand there with my mouth hanging open and hope I have fresh breath and nothing stuck in my teeth." Emily shook her head and laughed. "That's really funny" she said as they continued to enjoy their lunch. After lunch they looked through a couple of gift shops and Mary bought a bright multi colored shirt and slipped it on over her T-shirt as they stepped from the shop. "Let's go down to the beach and walk barefoot in the sand" Emily said as she took Mary's arm and led her from the pier.

"It looks so peaceful out there doesn't it? You could be out there and not have a care in the world" Emily said as the wind blew in her face.

"Yes it does. If I didn't have such a fear of water perhaps you could talk your brother into taking us for a boat ride" Mary said looking over at her friend.

"I know what will cure your fear of water."

"What might that be?" Mary asked curiously.

The cure you need is for Timothy Dalton to be a lifeguard. That way you can go out into the water, pretend to be in distress and he rushes out to rescue you. He brings your limp body back onto the beach and begins CPR and a little mouth to mouth."

"Good lord Emily, now who needs to write a romance novel?" Mary said with a touch of red coloring her cheeks.

Neither of them paid any attention to the man who stood a couple of feet away. He was casually dressed in tan slacks and a turquoise colored shirt. He wore a ball cap and sunglasses to hide his identity. He doubted they knew he had heard their conversation and smiled to himself.

A short distance away two young boys playing with a Frisbee were engaged in a game of catch and one of them was headed right to the area where Mary and Emily stood.

Being too involved in the attempt to catch the Frisbee, the boy wasn't paying any attention to anyone around him or where he was headed and ran directly into Mary and hit her hard enough to send her stumbling backwards. The young boy panicked and grabbed the Frisbee and took off running before anyone could do or say anything to him.

Mary tried to regain her balance but it did no good. She tried to twist around to see where she was going but it was no use. She stumbled into a solid object and then fell onto the sand with a hard impact. She laid there for a long moment trying to get her senses back. "Mary...Mary....Oh my God, are you alright?" Emily asked frantically as she knelt down beside her friend.

"Oh..." she groaned as she opened her eyes. "Did anyone get the license number of that truck?" she said as she looked up at her friend. The man she had stumbled into knelt down beside her. "Let's see if we can get her to her feet" he said as he looked over at Emily. "Do you think you can stand sweetheart?" he asked as he slipped his arm beneath Mary's shoulders.

"I think so" she said wincing at the ache in her chest.

He managed to get Mary to her feet with help from Emily and led her over to a row of chairs reserved for beach goers. A few onlookers had gathered around but they moved away once they saw she was up on her feet and walking.

"Are you hurt anywhere?" Emily asked as she set down beside her friend.

"My ribs hurt a bit" she said with a painful wince. "I think I just got the breath knocked out of me."

"Do you need to see a doctor?" the man said as he looked at Mary.

Mary shielded her eyes against the sun as she looked over at the man who had spoken to her.

"I'm so sorry; did I bump into you when I stumbled backwards?"

He smiled. "Yes, actually you did but don't worry, you didn't hurt me. It's not every day that a lovely young lady falls at my feet."

Mary smiled. "I feel like I got hit by a tank."

"Do you need to go see a doctor?" he asked again. Mary looked at him curiously. There was something familiar about him but she couldn't quite figure it out. "Do I know you?" she asked.


"Not personally, but you do know of me." He took his sunglasses off and smiled. Mary gasped as she looked into the most gorgeous pair of green eyes she had ever seen. And suddenly she hoped her mouth wasn't hanging open.

Emily recognized him too and was every bit as surprised as Mary was. He had been standing right next to them and they hadn't even known it. Had he overheard any of their conversation?

"Are you alright?" he asked when Mary didn't respond right away.

She nodded. "I think hitting my head is causing me to hallucinate" she said as she closed her eyes and then opened them again.

"You're not hallucinating” he said with a smile.

"I know if you hit your head hard enough some say they see stars but I've really taken it to the next level."

Tim laughed and reached out and took her hand in his. "I assure you that I'm quite real" he said as he looked into her eyes. "Do you need to go see a doctor?"

Mary shook her head. "No, I'm alright. Like I say I just got the wind knocked out of me. I think I need to go home and lay down for a while."

"That sounds like a good idea. Why don't you let me give you a helping hand to your car?" Timothy said as he helped Mary to her feet. "Just lean on me for support if you need to" he said as he slipped his arm around her waist.

"This is one dream I'm going to hate to wake from" Mary said as Emily and Tim led her from the sandy beach.

"Where did you park?" Tim asked as they got to the parking lot.

"We're just a couple of rows over" Emily said pointing to the area where she had parked.

He nodded and let Emily take the lead towards the car. Once there Emily unlocked the doors and opened the passenger side door.

"Just take it slow sweetheart" Tim told Mary as he helped her into the car. "Are you sure you're going to be alright now?" he asked as she settled back into the seat.

She nodded. "I just hope I remember this dream when I wake up. I've always dreamt about meeting you one day but I never expected that I would literally bump into you. Thank you for helping me today Mr. Dalton" she said with a smile.

"It was my pleasure. Do either of you have an ink pen?"

Emily nodded. "Here you go" she said handing him one from her purse.

"Thank you." He removed his cap and signed his name on the brim and handed it along with his sunglasses to Mary. "Just a little something for you to remember this chance encounter" he said with a smile as he knelt down beside her.

"Thank you" she said. She smiled happily and then hugged him. If this was still some sort of dream she might as well get the most of out it.

"You're quite welcome. You had best let your friend get you home now so you can lie down and rest." He looked over at Emily. "Can you stay with her for a while to make sure she's going to be okay?"

"Oh yes, that's no problem. I'll make sure she gets some rest and if she has any problems I'll definitely take her to see a doctor."

Tim smiled as he stood. "It was a pleasure to meet you ladies. Have a nice day and drive carefully on the way home" he said as he closed the door.

Mary smiled and waved to him as Emily backed the car from the parking spot and made her way to the main road.

"Emily, how can I ever thank you for coming by and asking me to come down to the beach with you? I can't believe I actually got to meet Timothy Dalton. What are the odds of me meeting him like that?"

"I'd have to say it would be one in a million. You'll certainly be having pleasant dreams tonight. Are you sure you're okay? Do you want to be checked over by a doctor?"

"Only if Timothy Dalton can be the doctor who examines me."

Emily laughed. "Well, I can certainly go back and ask him if he would like to play the role of a doctor if you want me to."

"And you'd do that too wouldn't you? I'll just keep those thoughts private and consider it for a romance novel" she said with a smile. "I'll be okay Emily. I might have a couple of bruises and some sore ribs but it's worth it since I got to meet Timothy Dalton."

As Emily drove towards home Mary slipped on the sunglasses and hat that Timothy had given her. She closed her eyes for a moment and said a silent prayer of thanks for her dream of meeting Timothy Dalton actually coming true.

Chance Encounter with Timothy Dalton. (c) Copyright Cindy a member of the group who lives in Texas USA - June 2008. All Rights Reserved.