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Hi Timothy Fans,

I would like to give you all the warmest of welcomes to our October Timothy Dalton newsletter! This month we have some fantastic news because StudioCanal have restored The Lion in Winter on DVD and Blu-Ray and it will be released on October 17! Tim Mosley who is the Publicist at StudioCanal has shared some wonderful information about it which you will find on this page. Also Marga who runs the excellent Timothy Dalton Fishers Facebook page has very kindly shared her exciting meeting of Timothy at the National Youth Theatre 60th Anniversary Gala on September 21 which is also on this page. At the moment we are all waiting to see what Timothy's next project will be. I ordered from Amazon the final season of Penny Dreadful, as it was not shown here, and my copy of it arrived yesterday so I cannot wait to see it and I am sure you will hear me scream at the frightening parts of it as the horror is done very well in that project. Happy Halloween to everyone that celebrates it! Enough from me here is the rest of the newsletter for you to enjoy:

Toy Story 4 Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang are coming back to a theater near you!


Mr Pricklepants and the Toy Story gang from Toy Story of Terror!

Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger has announced that plans are underway to bring Toy Story 4 to the big screen. John Lasseter, who helmed the first Toy Story movie in 1995-the world's first computer-animated feature film-is returning to direct the new film, which opens a new chapter in the lives of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the Toy Story gang. The story was dreamt up by Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter, and Lee Unkrich, the storytellers who have been the driving force behind all three Toy Story films.

"We love these characters so much; they are like family to us," Lasseter said. "We don't want to do anything with them unless it lives up to or surpasses what's gone before. Toy Story 3 ended Woody and Buzz's story with Andy so perfectly that for a long time, we never even talked about doing another Toy Story movie. But when Andrew, Pete, Lee, and I came up with this new idea, I just could not stop thinking about it. It was so exciting to me, I knew we had to make this movie-and I wanted to direct it myself." Writing team Rashida Jones and Will McCormack (Celeste and Jesse Forever) came on to the project, which is being produced by Pixar veteran Galyn Susman. We've been excited to continue Woody and Buzz's adventures with their fellow playthings in shorts and TV specials like Toy Story of TERROR! and Toy Story That Time Forgot, but this will mark their first feature film appearance since Toy Story 3 in 2010.

The film is slated for release in 2018 and we can't wait!

Toy Story 4 - Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang are coming back to a theater near you! © Copyright D23.

Picture of Mr Pricklepants and the Toy Story gang above © Copyright Pixar.

Timothy Dalton - Sir Malcolm Action Figure.

If you would like to order your Timothy Dalton Sir Malcolm action figure here is the website link so you can do this and there is a picture of it. They are a limited edition and each is individually numbered and Showtime still have them in stock.

Also you can purchase one directly from Showtime and here is the link for you:

The Art and Making of Penny Dreadful.

I often go to the Showtime online store for Penny Dreadful and this time I found that there is a book which is the official companion of the series called The Art and Making of Penny Dreadful at the Showtime Store it is $US25 and here is the link to it:

I also found it at for $US19.53 here is the link for you:

This book is fantastic it covers everything to do with Penny Dreadful. I love mine and feel it is a great addition to your Timothy collection.

Ultimate Guide to the James Bond Movies.


I had an e-mail from David Leigh he is not a member of the group but he has sent a fantastic link to his website called 'The Ultimate Guide to the James Bond Movies.' David's website also covers both of Timothy's Bond films The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill it is beautifully done and a treat to see. Here is the link to it for you:

With many thanks to David for sending the above to me.

For Our James Bond Fans - The Search For Bond by Robert Sellers.

Graham Rye Editor of 007 Magazine would like you to know that the exclusive never-before-told story behind the actors who won, and the many who lost, the most coveted role in cinema history! Part 1 & 2 of a 3-part 007 Magazine Online exclusive series. Here is the link for you:

With many thanks to Graham Rye Editor of 007 Magazine for sending the above to me.

Here then is the list of contents for The Timothy Dalton Chat Group October Newsletter:

  • The Latest Information In Regards To Timothy's Professional Engagements - October 2016.

  • The Video Of The Month For October 2016 - Timothy Giving An Interview On Regis And Kathie Lee.

  • The Lion in Winter Brand New Restoration on DVD and Blue-Ray by StudioCanal To Be Released October 17.

  • National Youth Theatre 60th Anniversry Gala - Little Marga and her struggle with Tim at the NYT Red Carpet.

  • Timothy's Showtime Possessed Interview In Toronto - From 2000.

  • Writing To Timothy - London and LA Address.

  • Cindy (Member of the Group) Has Started A New Business!

  • Drawing of Timothy by Victoria Who Is A Member Of The Group.

  • Timothy Dalton Chat Group Birthdays For October 2016.

A special and very big thank you to the following for helping me put together the October newsletter: Cindy, Tim Mosley - Publicist StudioCanal, Marga from The Timothy Dalton Fishers Facebook Page and Helen who very kindly sends me the Monthly Timothy TV Guide each month.

The Latest Information In Regards to Timothy's Professional Engagements - October 2016.


At the present time Timothy is looking for his next project.

Timothy's Interviews From The Archives.

The following section of this page showcases wonderful interviews Timothy has given over the years or reviews of his projects.

Timothy's video of the month for October 2016 is Regis and Kathie Lee - Timothy Dalton Interview.


Timothy pictured above as shown in the interview with Regis and Kathie Lee.

I had an e-mail from Janet who is a member of the group and from the link she sent she helped give me a great idea! Every month I would give the link to a different Timothy interview or a scene from one of his projects that is on Youtube.

Synopsis: The following video link is a wonderful interview that Timothy gave on Regis and Kathie Lee's show:

Timothy Dalton on Regis and Kathie Lee Uploaed to YouTube by TDLTN08.

The Lion in Winter Brand New Restoration on DVD and Blue-Ray by StudioCanal Released on October 17.

Timothy Dalton

Here is Timothy as Philip II of France in The Lion in Winter.

STUDIOCANAL are delighted to announce that a newly restored version of Anthony Harvey's 1968 multi Oscar© winning historical drama, The Liom in Winter, will be released on DVD, Blu-Ray and EST on October 17TH as part of the Vintage Classics collection. Adapted for the screen by James Goldman from his own hit Broadway play, the witty and intense The Lion in Winter received widespread critical and audience acclaim on its release in 1968 and garnered Oscar© wins for Katherine Hepburn (Best Actress in a Leading Role), James Goldman (Best Adapted Screenplay), John Barry (for the film's score) and a nomination for Anthony Harvey for his Direction. In addition to Katherine Hepburn (Bringing up Baby, The African Queen), the film stars Peter O'Toole (Lawrence of Arabia, Venus), John Castle (Blow-Up, Man of La Mancha) and features debut film roles for both Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of The Lambs, The Remains of The Day) and Timothy Dalton (The Living Daylights, Cromwell).

England, the 12th Century. After the death of his son and heir, King Henry II (Peter O'Toole) is obsessed with finding a new successor, so summons his three remaining sons. Also summoned is his wife, the formidable Eleanor of Aquitaine (Katherine Hepburn), who he has kept imprisoned for the last ten years. As the Royal couple scheme and cajole with their sons, their passions turn from tenderness to fury as they try to determine who should be the future King of England. Anthony Harvey is best known for directing The Lion in Winter, but his film career began at an early age when he entered the industry as a child actor in 1945's Caesar and Cleopatra. He then went on to became an editor, most notably on Kubrick's Dr Strangelove, before directing his first feature, Dutchman, in 1967. Prior to working on The Lion in Winter, cinematographer Douglas Slocombe had enjoyed a hugely successful career working on Ealing films including Whisky Galore, The Lavender Hill Mob and Hue and Cry and then had a prolific career for a further two decades on a diverse array of classic films including The Italian Job, The Lady Vanishes and the original Indiana Jones trilogy. Slocombe's major challenge for The Lion in Winter was keeping a cohesive look for the film, which uses a combination of classic period sets, location and studio settings, to create an authentic 12th Century atmosphere. The use of darkness, light, shadows and colour all work together to heighten the drama.


  • New interview with John Castle.

  • New interview with John Bloom.

  • Anthony Harvey audio commentary.

  • O'Toole on Hepburn: 5 min excerpt from TCM interview in 2012.

Directed by Anthony Harvey Starring Peter O'Toole, Katherine Hepburn, Anthony Hopkins and Timothy Dalton on DVD, Blu-Ray & EST on October 17th.

The Lion in Winter is part of the 'Vintage Classics collection' - showcasing iconic British films, all fully restored and featuring brand new extra content: Vintageclassicsfilm

Images available to download from: StudioCanal

The running length of the restored The Lion in Winter is 134 minutes Cert: PG.

With a very big thank you to Tim Mosley Publicist StudioCanal for very kindly sending me the above information about the wonderful restoration of The Lion in Winter

National Youth Theatre 60th Anniversary Diamond Gala.

Timothy Dalton

Timothy at the after party of the National Youth Theatre's 60th Anniversary Gala with Ian McKellen and Daisy Lewis © Copyright Dan Wooller for WhatsOnStage.

UPDATE OCTOBER 3 2016 - This month we are very lucky to have more from the National Theatre 60th Anniversary Gala with many thanks to Marga from the Facebook Page Timothy Dalton Fishers who went to the event and has very kindly sent me an e-mail to share the occassion with us first for those that do not know here is some background about the night - The National Youth Theatre staged a once in a lifetime event to mark their 60th year. This thrilling Diamond Gala featured some of the biggest names in TV, film and theatre, matched only by the biggest cast of British young talent ever to appear live on the West End stage. The Gala was at the Shaftesbury Theatre on Sunday 18th September and all the talent sang, danced and acted through the decades to tell the 'Story of our Youth' - a teenage roller coaster of entertainment and star-studded moments.

For anyone that was ever young, this was the night for you...

Here then is Marga's wonderful account of meeting Timothy on the night:

Little Marga and her struggle with Tim at the NYT Red Carpet © Copyright Timothy Dalton Fishers Wednesday September 21, 2016.

On Saturday 17, I attended the London Film Convention, where I could see John Glen, Maryam D'Abo, Caroline Bliss and Virginia Hey. All of them were in The Living Daylights, but someone was missing, right? :-) When I bought a photo of Tim from a stall (Darnley in (Mary, Queen of Scots) the dealer laughed saying that he couldn't believe there were Timothy Dalton's fans! Seriously?! I told him that tomorrow I was going to see him...

SUNDAY 18th SEPTEMBER 2016 - The red Carpet:

Being a very nervous and shy person I felt ill already in the morning. As I knew there was going to be an after-party at the end of the gala (my ticket was only 'normal') my plan to see him closer, take a photo of him and ask him an autograph (by several comments I know he doesn't like to have photos with fans) was to go very early to the theatre and catch him on his arrival. Well, I arrived 2 hours and a half before the show started and I saw a bunch of people at the stage door. As there were other actors coming, these people were waiting for them, but most of them were professional autograph hunters (I've seen them at all the stage doors in London), they bring books full with photos to sign. I spent 3 days choosing what photo I was bringing. I decided to bring a rare one (which is posted on the FB page) of Tim at Madrid Airport in 1976. I thought I'd make him smile. I also prepared carefully the folder, the cardboard to hold the photo and a nice little bag to carry it. After a couple of minutes, a big car arrived and Matt Smith (Doctor Who) appeared. I took a photo of him and the autograph hunters gave him little blank papers to sign. I thought, how strange. When I saw one of these guys with a James Bond book I asked if he had seen Tim. He told me Tim was already inside the theatre and seeing my photo, he added, "and he doesn't sign photos, only blank papers!". (I'm not sure if I said the F word louder then).. I collapsed. But I still had a last opportunity, to wait for him, after the gala and the party. Of course, being at night, the photo would be more difficult. So, quite depressed, I went for a walk around the theatre. About 20 minutes later I approached the theatre again and then I saw the autograph hunters (thanks for the hint, guys) along a little red carpet. (When I first arrived it was empty). As Tim was inside I didn't know who was coming at this red carpet but I saw one of the organisers (who politely asked me to go to the end, as I was standing next to the professional photographers) with a list with photos of the actors, so I thought that maybe a miracle was going to happen. As the red carpet was closed on both ends I imagined that the participants would appear from inside the theatre and pose for the press. Now, I was at the other end, next to the ITV team and the girl from Heart Radio. Once again I was asked by the organisers to move away (grrr!) as they were opening that end. There was a row of people so if I stood behind them I couldn't see much but Matt Smith came again to the rescue. He came from round the corner, from the stage door, and then I thought, if Matt comes probably Tim too! As he stopped to talk to the press, I stood behind them and now I had a good view. Other actors arrived. I just kept looking at the corner of the building. Then one of the organisers said to the press, Daisy Lewis and Timothy Dalton are coming. YEAH!!! But it wasn't immediately. Minutes seemed hours... Daisy arrived and talked to the press. No sign of Mr Dalton yet. Then, when another woman was also being interviewed I could hear some roar in the corner. I knew it had to be him, so then, that little head appeared (see the first photo I posted) in the middle of the multitude. Finally. It was him! TIM! When I could see him properly the first thing I noticed was that a woman went in arm with him. Excuse me?! Then I realised it was Barbara Broccoli! I remembered that she was the organiser of the Gala so being 'old friends' it was understandable that they came together. Tim had to stop at the beginning of the red carpet as there was this woman talking to the radio. I thought, finish, please! And then he came, tall, slim and looking incredibly gorgeous. As I've said before he looked much younger than I expected. Being used to see photos of him (in LA) with fleeces and the glasses on his nose, seeing him with a perfect haircut and a suit was much more than I expected. I started to take photos of him like a possessed woman. To capture his voice I also recorded two little vids (the first one is not very audible) and I didn't stop smiling all the time. Sometimes I stopped taking photos too 'admire' him, I couldn't believe he was so close and he looked so handsome. One of the last things I remember he told to the radio, laughing, was: "Some people think I'm dead!". And I was: noooo!!! Meanwhile, I had taken my photo out, as I decided to give a try. I was the first one to hand him a photo and then he said, politely, "No, I don't sign photos" He didn't look at me, as he had tens of papers in front of him or my cute photo. So then I quickly put the cardboard over the photo and I handled to him again. He saw it and took it to check if there was any photo in the back! (Suspicious Tim!). Laughing, I said "No! It's only the..." (I can't remember if I said any other word), so he signed it. Being a cardboard I got a super big signature. Then I left room for the other people. And, in a cloud, I went into the theatre.

Timothy Dalton

Timothy on the red carpet at the National Youth Theatre 60th Anniversary Gala © Rex Features.

Inside the theatre: My seat was in the front row of the royal circle (first floor) so I had a very good view. The gala started and Tim appeared quite early. He had taken off his jacket and he was in his wrinkled white shirt (oh, I love men in white shirts!). He spoke about the NYT, obviously, and then he recited a bit from Antony and Cleopatra (although he didn't play that part at the NYT). I can't tell much about it, as I was trying to get some discreet photos and video but the spotlight was so hard that I couldn't get a good image. (I've decided to use the only perfect photo I got as the cover of my future book, so you'll have to wait a little to see it :-)). Finally, he introduced a video of Helen Mirren doing a bit of Cleopatra. I especially loved when he appeared he said his name as if we didn't know him! (almost none of the other actors did that) and when he finished, he did a little bow with his head. So cute! (I have to confess that as Barry Rutter was also appearing in the gala I expected they both would do a bit of Little Malcolm and his Struggle with the Eunuchs. Barry appeared after Tim and he did the bit alone).

During the interval, I went to buy the NYT t-shirt (I love to collect theatre stuff) and when I came back to my seat, earlier than the rest of the people, I looked at the stalls below and guess who I spotted in the middle! Yes, Tim again! He was drinking something and eating peanuts or something similar :D He talked and greeted several couples and then Marga, the paparazzi, was born, as I started to take a lot of photos from my position! :D In the final speech, the director of the NYT thanked Tim for coming from LA :) When the Gala finished, the artistic director - who was on a balcony next to us - told us to stand up to clap. I don't usually stand up in the theatre but the gala was brilliant so I decided to do it. I looked at the stalls, and there he was, almost below me, standing next to Barbara. So, if I jump I could land on him! LOL When we finally left our seats, I looked again (of course) and I could see Ian McKellen approaching Tim and talking to him. Pity I couldn't take a final photo as I didn't want to bother the rest of the people from my row. And I think that's all Fishers and Timothy Dalton Chat Group members. * Excuse my grammatical errors.

Once again with many thanks to Marga for sharing her wonderful account of meeting Timothy with us.

Little Marga and her struggle with Tim at the NYT Red Carpet © Copyright Timothy Dalton Fishers Wednesday September 21, 2016. Please visit Marga's Timothy Dalton Fishers Facebook page at the following link:

Timothy's Showtime Possessed Interview In Toronto.


Timothy Dalton as Father Bowdern in Possessed.

Publicist: "Lets talk about the script, your first reaction to the story, your first impression of the script."

Timothy: "I guess it was two fold really, I realized I was reading a really well constructed and gripping story but at the same time I thought well why would anybody want to make it, you know, we've seen 'The Exorcist' and I think they made, I don't know how many exorcists they made, but in a sense its the story of a exorcism, you know, why would it be any, I mean whats the point, but I mean it was terrifically well written and beautifully constructed. I mean Steven, Steven de Souza whose directing it, wrote it he is a brilliant constructionist, and you can't put it down, but anyway you know I had a chat with Steven it was clear that I think he was aiming for anyway a different approach, so I guess (Timothy now laughs) we take a chance on that and here we are."

Publicist: "If its a story that you've read before there must have been something, or seen before, there must have been something that said 'Yes I want to'..."

Timothy: "No"

Publicist: "No?"


Another scene showing Timothy Dalton as Father Bowdern in Possessed.

Timothy: "No, I mean other then the quality of it. I mean if we can pull it off as we would hope to that is stretch your, really stretch your sense of belief, credibility in this story, probe as far as we can into the bounds of what you think might be possible, whether its explicable or inexplicable. If we can hit right on a line that says well, you know, we don't know where we are here whether it is a real possession, or just a disturbance, or a kid that needs a good slap around the chops you know? If we can make it gripping and interesting as it is to read, then you can say well hey, you know, hopefully at best it will be a new slant on this kind of story, and at worst it will be a dam good two hours entertainment."

Publicist: "Can you tell us more about the person whose character you are playing?"

Timothy: "Obviously a Jesuit Priest, I am not sure myself as yet quite who he is because its still reasonably early, certainly I don't think he bears too much, I don't think he is too similar to the real man, and this story is based on a book that is kind of based on a true exorcism that took place in the late 40's early 50's. I don't think my character really is like the real priest. I think the real priest was I am sure a far finer man, a much better man, a man of more honest and probably blinkered determination and belief, but that would tend to be a little bit, you know, one sided. I think the movie character that we seem to be coming up with is much more multi faceted, which makes him more dramatic."

Publicist: "Are you drawn to him because he is not the stereo type of a priest he is very flawed?"

Timothy: "Well I think the truth is that out of all the priests that I have known the stereo type of the priest I think tends to exist solely in lay peoples minds. Most priests I have ever met, you know, are very much human beings and recognize that."

Publicist: "You say that you feel that the real priest is a much finer man. Can you explain that a little bit, or tell us a little bit more, describe this man?"

Timothy: "Well I think much more deeply and genuinely committed to, no let me take that back, not more genuinely committed to seeing good triumph over evil then say the character in the movie, but I don't think there is any reference that we can find in anything historical that says that the real priest had trouble with alcohol for example, or actually fought in the war although I think he wanted to, or was a coward in battle. None of these things are probably fair to the original character, that is what I meant."

Publicist: "Can you tell us what this actual story is about in regards to the exorcism?"

Timothy: "Sure its about a very disturbed kid in the late 1940's in St. Louis, well in fact originally in Baltimore, the true story switches between Baltimore and St. Louis, but we are pretty much St. Louis, who is behaving so violently, strangely and inexplicably, that the general belief is that he is possessed by the devil I suppose, and an exorcism takes place. This exorcism I think took many many months possibly even years, but that is the story. I should add to that, that it is based, its essence is taken from what we can discover of the real facts of the real case, and I think we are trying to given the need to be dramatic, we are trying to, you know, hold it within the balance of passable reality."

Publicist: "You talk about the reality, do you know much about it, did you read the book?"

Timothy "Sure, (Timothy starts to laugh) I mean I couldn't really come to work if I hadn't" (Timothy is still laughing).

Publicist: "I thought it was basically inspired by the book."

Timothy: "Its a good way to put it, that is a good way to put it, it is not a slavish adaptation or a slavish copy no."

Publicist: "The young boy who plays.."

Timothy: "Jonathan Malen" (Timothy laughs).

Publicist: "This is a tough role for a kid though."

Timothy "It is, absolutely it is but you know there is always lessons to be learned. Think of the joy that you had when you were a kid playing games, doing make believe, you know, we all forget that, we sometimes get, you know, far too serious its fun and I think all the work that I have done best I have enjoyed doing tremendously, but I think for a kid you know, I don't know how old he is eleven or twelve, and great! I mean it is fun, he takes it on like he is playing the best game in the world and he is terrific."

Publicist: "Do you know exactly when he is having fun with a scene can you set that up for us please?"

Timothy: "Well he is, where are we? We are in a sort of a latest stage of this sort of exorcism process, and this whole area where we are in, or at least this is meant to represent a part of a religious retreat, so in essence it is a kind of a pause, a pause to recuperate, become spiritual, to find time on holy ground and the kid suddenly starts to go crazy, and plays upon I suppose maybe the doubts and guilts of the priest. Anyway he goes crazy and in that little bit that you have just been seeing rather then saving him from going over the cliff which is what it will look like initially anyway it is a trap he is just luring me to the edge of the cliff in fact to draw us both over, so that the devil will have won, but anyway he doesn't get that far this time."

Publicist: What qualities does Jonathan bring to the role?"

Timothy: "That's the first bit of work I have done with him. We have been working two weeks but that is the first bit of work I have done with Jonathan so I don't really know."

Publicist: "He was terrific.."

Timothy: "He was terrific there."

Publicist: "He was laughing and he was screaming.."

Timothy "He is good, he is good. The next couple of weeks are going to be umm most of what I do with him really is the exorcism stuff, when he just vomits over me, and spits at me and abuses me and swears at me, and curses me, and I (Timothy laughs) and I yell at him I suppose."

Publicist: "Are you looking forward to that scene?"

Timothy "Well it will be the err, I look forward to all the scenes really, but some are, you have to admit more important then others. They are the most important scenes, they are the scenes of conflict between God and the Devil that take place through this child's body, and they are going to be very interesting, and difficult I think to pitch at the right level, so yes, yes I am looking forward to that."

Publicist: "Why do you think you are so drawn to these stories of good verses evil?"

Timothy: I think because we all feel vulnerable, we have all got those shivers up our backs from time to time, you know, we don't exactly know what is causing them, whether its something from inside us or something from outside us you know I think we are all vulnerable to that." (Timothy laughs).

Publicist: "It is a story that sort of questions the faith."

Timothy: "I think we. It questions faith?"

Publicist: "Well it brings out the fact that where Mcbride, I think it is right before the exorcism, he was also a man (God) and if you can believe in him.."

Timothy: "Well yes, I think in the religious sense yes. I mean if you believe in God you don't have to believe in a Devil because I don't think there is, the Devil does not exist I don't think in the Old Testament, and I think in the New Testament all you have are daemons which is not necessarily the Devil, you have Satan of course but Satan is a fallen angel. I think the whole concept of Devil is really a literary concept starting in the middle ages somewhere and popularized by Milton, but anyway the point it is if you believe in God you must believe in something that fights God and is evil, even it is just a fallen angel. Well if you as a man are fighting that, you do not as a man have God's power, God's strength, God's faith, you are frail and you are vulnerable, how can you take on something as powerful as evil, so of course, you know I am sure that is where the tradition of the exorcists losing themselves, dying, going crazy comes from. I think we all understand if you kiss your kid better, or your lover better, that somehow you take on the pain that they are suffering, so I am sure these feelings run through exorcisms too and make them very dangerous, and you can only win if your faith is absolute, if your faith is triumphant and whose is?"

Publicist: "Did you do any research at all about exorcism or read up on it, I mean anything special?"

Timothy: "I mean apart from, no not really."

Publicist: "Do you have any special interest in the occult or supernatural?"

Timothy: "No, no, I think it is tosh." (Timothy and the publicist both laugh)

Publicist: "How about watching these films, do you like going to see scary movies?"

Timothy: "Certainly, I think horror movies are terrific, if they scare you, I mean they have to scare you to be good." (Timothy laughs)."

Publicist: "When you read this script, did it scare you?"

Timothy: "Well I don't know about that, fascinated me I think, fascinated me more in the sense of how far can we push this to scare people, to, you know, hold it. I mean if you look at the movie 'The Exorcist' you know, you see things that, I mean it is a great movie I have to say, it is a terrific movie, there will be things in it that you say absolutely could not happen other then as illusions, maybe massively held illusions where everybody in the room is believing they are seeing the same thing. Like a mass hysteria or a common delusion, but I think what we would try for in this is to..I mean things do happen in life people can't explain, you know, people do see things. I was just in a place where some kid went through a whole poltergeist experience. Anyway to push the boundaries of reality I would say is what we would be aiming for, but not take it so far that you just thought this is fabulous film making, you know, computer graphic nonsense this has got a hold of maybe what it could mean and believe."

Publicist: "I have to rewind and talk about this poltergeist you are talking about, you were working with someone who.."

Timothy: "No, no, no, no, no, no. I was just in a place where, you know, all of a sudden some kid umm you know things. I mean I didn't see the kid, I wasn't there, I only know what I was told about it, but, you know, people who, I am using it as an example to say that people who, you know, are not stupid they might not be brilliantly intelligent but they are certainly not stupid all say they saw things they could not explain, now like Radios jumping off tables, or you know, hot water kettles flying through the air (Timothy laughs) you know, who can explain it?"


Timothy as Father Bowdern with Jonathan Malen who played Robbie Mannheim in Showtime's production of Possessed.

Timothy: "No, no, no, no, no, no. I was just in a place where, you know, all of a sudden some kid umm you know things. I mean I didn't see the kid, I wasn't there, I only know what I was told about it, but, you know, people who, I am using it as an example to say that people who, you know, are not stupid they might not be brilliantly intelligent but they are certainly not stupid all say they saw things they could not explain, now like Radios jumping off tables, or you know, hot water kettles flying through the air (Timothy laughs) you know, who can explain it?"

Publicist: "Is there going to be a lot of that in this film, where things are flying and what not?"

Timothy "Yes, yes."

Publicist: "Do you enjoy that technical side of it, or is that tedious all that?"

Timothy: "Generally tedious, generally tedious. I mean it is exciting to watch if they pull it off well. I mean the mechanics of it, but umm, well there you see is another thing, you won't see anything in this movie that does not happen for real." (The publicist and Timothy both laugh).

Publicist: "Let's talk a little bit about the character of McBride. Can you introduce him to us or explain their relationship?"

Timothy "Well he is played by Henry Czerny who as you know is a terrific Canadian actor, American actor, Canadian actor, terrific actor. It is probably a good, good, working trusting relationship. I think you would have to say that, where as Bowman or Bowdern which ever we are going to call my character you would say he is a man who has come to terms with his world, his world is his parish, is his teaching is limited to that, and limited to umm you know what he, his belief would be, work to save people's souls, work on the ground, have it absolutely rock solid basic, you work for your fellow man. McBride you could say must contain some of that philosophy too but he would be more on the fast track towards umm promotions, ambitions, the larger world of church politics and administration, the fast track towards the top I would say, perhaps leaving the ground floor some what absent, but a good man nevertheless."

Publicist: "On that note I know they are needing you big time."

Timothy: "Okay."

Darran (who is a photographer): "No just wanted to take your picture, just wanted to let you know."

Timothy: "Okay thanks Darren."

Publicist: "Thanks Darren. Okay? Okay. Can you tell us about Archbishop Hume, can you tell us a bit about this guy?"

Timothy: "Well I can he was actually an extraordinary Archbishop from what I believe, he desegregated the church in St. Louis, he was in many ways you know in the forefront of some quite bold moves. I mean the Catholic Church was not much liked in the United States of America, the Irish for one thing were obviously predominantly Catholic, used to have been anyway second class citizens, certainly the Catholic's were, it is only if you think of people like the Kennedy's you know in the 50's and 60's coming to the forefront of American life, and think of the resentment that went along with Catholicism coming strong in America, he was a Catholic Archbishop who really made some bold moves, desegregation was one of them, so a good man."

Publicist: "In the script he comes across as this..."

Timothy: "The real Archbishop is not called Hume of course."

Publicist: "Right, right."

Timothy: "Thats the movie name."

Publicist: "The one in this story, he talks about bringing it into the twentieth century, he was being very savvy."

Timothy: "Wasn't it Bishop Shean who was always on the television, didn't they, didn't Johnny Carson admit to sort of stealing some of Bishop Shean's you know, presentation or mannerisms, and patter, his act if you like. I don't know if it is true but we have a line in the script saying that Bishop Hume's ratings, Neilson ratings were better then Milton Burrel's at the time, everybody wanted to watch him, you know he was a showman, a front man for the church, maybe he did a lot of good that way, you know? Questionable, but maybe."

Publicist: "What do you think is in store for the audience in this film, because this is a story we have seen before, things like 'The Exorcist,' demonic children and that sort of thing?"

Timothy: "Yes, yes. Your coming really to the very first question you asked me (Timothy begins to laugh) to which part of my answer was so why do it?"

Publicist: "Is there something unique about this script that stands out from other stories?"

Timothy: "We have to make it unique, you know, we have to make it unique. I guess if people go out or leave the movie arguing about whether it was real or false. Whether it was a possession or a psychiatric disturbance, whether it is just a kid being, you know, me, me, me, me, me in a sort of vicious nasty way, you know I guess we would have won if we can make you argue about that."

Publicist: "Are you enjoying the way this film is made, is there something different about this film making experience?"

Timothy: "There will be, hard to say at this point, really, umm there will be, I mean because it will be different, it will be different to every other character but at the moment I am finding hopefully lots of different layers. I am sort of swimming in the sort of muscle who and what the man is and the circumstances are and you know the things never really comes together until you put all the pieces together, but that is not going to happen for another two or three weeks, and then you have to look back and see how it all worked, so I can't really answer that question."

Publicist: "Lets talk about your director Steven, what does he bring to the table?"

Timothy "Well he wrote it. A, it is a very good script. B, he has got very very imaginative and clear ideas about what he intended for his script, why he wrote it. One of the problems you always face doing any piece of work where there is interesting writing is what exactly did the writer intend, you know because good writing isn't obvious, because life isn't obvious, so it is a joy to have a writer, or rather have a director who is the writer. Beyond that he brings great enthusiasm, great creativity. I mean he is a sort of a feverish hot bed of ideas, you know, he is very very enthusiastic."

Timothy "Getting back to the story, the relationship between Robbie and this man Bowden or Bowern whatever. After having so many I guess tantrums in relationships with adults who are trying to calm him down. Why does he have this trust in this man, Robbie, all of a sudden he lets this man into his life to help him out?"

Timothy: "I don't know."

Publicist: The publicist is laughing when she says "It is hard to explain because you have not shot anything with him yet."

Timothy: "I don't know, umm I really don't know. I could think of lots of possibilities but I mean the fact is he does, he might not have much choice, but he does."

Publicist: "This man though is very charismatic, there is no question in the script."

Timothy "Do you think?"

Publicist: "Well Absolutely."

Timothy "I think he does because if he doesn't by Page 52 we are in trouble, anyway he does."

Publicist: "Well I think he is a very charismatic character."


Here again is Timothy as Father Bowdern with Jonathan Malen who played Robbie Mannheim in Possessed.

Timothy: "I think probably he recognizes, I mean it is difficult to tell because are we talking about a Robbie who does not know what he is doing, or are we talking a Robbie who does know what he is doing, simply from a story point of view what you have is a perfectly regular kid, a perfectly regular kid who is as nice to you or to me or to anybody standing around here, but when he goes, when he has one of his fits, I mean he is a schizophrenic. I mean he has no knowledge of what happened, so when he has gone it doesn't matter who it could be his uncles, his aunts, his brothers, his mother, his father, you know the neighbors, anything they come storming into that bedroom and pin him down on the bed, that is what happens but he doesn't remember any of it when he wakes up, so when he is awake he is a perfectly nice normal kid so I don't think it is even a question of him electing somebody into his world unless of course he is fabricating the whole thing, thinks he has gone too far, and needs a way out, because if he does he makes it very tough on everybody."

Publicist: "I am going to challenge your term of being schizophrenic, because he is also throwing chairs at people, or something is throwing chairs at people to make it look like it is from him, or the bed goes flying up I mean..."

Timothy: "You don't believe in possession."

Publicist: "I see this as possession." (The publicist laughs).

Timothy: "Then that is what it is, that is it."

Publicist: "Okay you have to go eat now. Thank you very much."

Timothy: "Okay thank you."

Photographs above: Most are scenes from Possessed apart from the third picture which is Timothy at the Premiere of Possessed which was held at the Directors Guild in Los Angeles.

Possessed Interview and Photographs Copyright Showtime Networks Inc. 2000. All Rights Reserved.

Timothy's Project Question of the Month for October 2016.

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The question and answer to the September 2016 Timothy question was:

Question: What project is Timothy in pictured above?

Your clue was: After seeing this television movie many of Timothy's fans wanted to confess to him.

The answer is: Possessed.

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Here is the Timothy Question of the Month for September 2016:-


Question: What project are Timothy and Vanessa Redgrave in above?

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