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Websites where you can purchase Timothy's photographs.

  • Albert Ortega Please visit Al's website, and he will soon have a picture of Timothy up there from the Possessed Premier.
  • eon Magazine Photographer Albert Ortega has pictures from the Premier of Posssessed too.
  • Ezuma This website puts up photographs from Premier's.
  • Yahoo Daily News This website also puts up pictures from Premier's and other celebrity events.
  • Videos and Other Essential Products.

  • search: Timothy Dalton
  • Many Timothy Dalton videos can be purchased from iMVS
  • More videos can be purchased from Amazon
  • Blackstar Videos are the biggest on-line video store in Europe.
  • DVD Street Here you can find DVD's of Timothy's projects.
  • You can get lots of Timothy video's here including Framed.
  • Movies Unlimited For more of Timothy's projects on video.
  • Chartbusters - Find That Film Here you can find Timothy's projects in the PAL format.
  • Bigstar Here you will find more of Timothy's projects on video.
  • Diecast Collectables website Visit here if you are also a Timothy Bond Fan.
  • 800.comAt this website are more VHS/ NTSC Video's of Timothy's work that you can purchase.
  • Larry Edmunds Bookstore This is an excellent bookstore in Hollywood that I visited, that also has some pictures of Timothy.
  • Custom VideoHere you can send away to get video tapes converted from NTSC to PAL or the other way around.
  • Choices Direct Here you can purchase projects of Timothy's in the PAL video format.
  • Active Media Here you can download a programme that will help you make screen savers from pictures of Timothy.
  • House of Magazines Here you can purchase Magazines with Timothy in them.
  • Movie Market You can purchase photographs of Timothy at this website.
  • If you would like a Mouse Mat made especially for you with your favourite photograph of Timothy on it, then please send an e-mail to CJ
  • If you are looking for a hard to find project of Timothy's then please send an e-mail to Doug and he will help you find it Doug