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Introduction to our Testimonial Page.

Timothy Dalton

Timothy Dalton in London 2003.

Over the years many have sent me some wonderful comments about The Timothy Dalton Chat Group many I have kept because they have meant so much to me. Recently Patricia Georgini from Pennsylvania sent me some more nice comments and she wanted them put on the Newsletter Page, but I felt that page, along with the Updates, Projects, and Events pages should be dedicated to Timothy's prestigious past, present, and future work. Simply, and I think you would agree, I wanted Timothy to be put first, as he should be.

However, while I was thinking what to do, my brother came up with this idea of a Testimonial Page where some of the past comments, plus future comments, about myself or Timothy could be placed. I thought it was a great idea! As I have really appreciated all your thoughts over the years. Here then is our Testimonial Page.

Testimonal From Patricia M Georgini in Pennsylvania USA.

Hello, members of the Timothy Dalton Chat Group! My name is Patricia Georgini and I hail from Norwood, Pennsylvania, USA. I have only been a member of the Timothy Dalton Chat Group since late 2001 and had started following his career approximately the same time. I had been surfing the Internet and came across Debra Best's email address and decided to email her, one on one, to find out more about this Timothy Dalton person! What prompted me to get interested in Timothy's career and projects was that I had purchased the Jane Eyre tapes, and instantly, I became a fan. I was hooked-line and sinker! And, from that point on, I contacted Deb, and the rest is history. I think Deb's web site is the best out there. Don't you? Deb has been my online TD mentor and friend ever since I introduced myself to her. She is amazingly well-informed, dedicated, and extremely loyal to Timothy and to us fans. If you ever have any questions about Timothy, Deb is the person to contact. And if she does not know the answer, she will definitely find out for you. Through Deb, I have more of an understanding as to how the industry operates, and about Timothy in general - Patricia.

Testimonal From Cindy in Texas, America.

Just wanted to let you know that I checked out the website for the group and I am very impressed with it. You did an excellent job. I should have checked it out long before is very nice and very informative. Designed excellently, easy to read and access. Keep up the good work - Cindy.

Testimonal From Mark in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Dear Deb,

I am so happy that I got involved again with the Timothy Dalton Chat Group! This web page just keeps getting better and better and it's so wonderful to know there are lots of fans out there who love Mr. Dalton's work as much as I do! - Mark.

Testimonal From Phoebe in San Francisco USA.

I am amazed at how much you do. You send out all this information, welcome new members, do so much for this group. I really appreciate it - Phoebe.

Testimonal From QZ Soo in the USA.

Getting an e-mail from you is the BEST. Your're so sweet and so thorough. I guess you could say you're very "user friendly" :-) Mr Dalton doesn't know how lucky he is to have you on his team. Your letter is like a cup of hot chocolate before bed. My dreams will be all the sweeter, I'm sure. Enjoy your friendships....all of them...they are gifts. Love and light - QZ.

Testimonal From Tina in Los Angeles USA.

Thank you for all your hard work in regards to the Tim stuff. I really appreciate it. You know how I fancy him...Tina.

Testimonal From Kenny in Scotland UK.

Many thanks for your letter - I've been on to check out your site, and it really is a comprehensive source of information on what Tim D's up to these days. Can't think of that many things he's done post-Bond, but now I know a lot better! - Kenny.

Testimonal From Amber in America.

I was just so thrilled to actually go into the internet and find a whole lot of other people who admire, and to be honest, completely adore Timothy Dalton and his work, it just made me so excited that there are others out there who feel the same way. Thanks again for letting me see more of the man. Love and respect - Amber.

Testimonal From Brenda in America.

Thanks Deb! I just saw my name added on the news letter and wanted to say I am so proud to be included in the unofficial Timothy Dalton fan club. Thanks for inviting me to the Timothy Dalton chat room, and for all your help getting me started. It was really fun. Thank you too for starting this fan club, if it wasn't for you we would all be missing out. Thanks again - Brenda.

Testimonal From Sandy (Hawks) from Cape Code in America.

Dear Debby,

many thanks for your lovely E-mail letters!! I cannot even begin to express how excited and happy I am to be able to talk to other Timothy Dalton fans!! When I saw your website listed, I nearly fell off my chaor with excitement! It's sad that such a talented actor isn't as well known, in my book he is excellent and that's good enough for me. Incredibly talented! He takes a role that is given to him and brings forth that character with depth and passion that I have seen no other actor do! - Always Sandy.